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  • Trends I’m loving this Spring

    When Spring is near the sun begins shining more often, the grass turns green, and the flowers are in full bloom! 🌻 This mirrors what Spring fashion is all about! 2022 spring fashion is everything! Pastels, bright colors, neutrals, there is something for everyone. Although, the Y2K fashion coming back is a miss for me.. Here is a spring round up of some of my favorites. Check out the bright colors, one shoulder dresses, and fun sunglasses that are trending. Prepare for it to make you smile! Before you start shopping, let's do a GIVEAWAY!! Leave a comment below and be entered in to win a Saks or Revolve gift card!

  • 10 Marriage Tips

    Today is my wedding anniversary!! Woo hoo! As I look up we have navigated over 10 moves to multiple states, we have 3 kids including two high schoolers and a middle schooler and have survived countless roller coaster rides in life. Through it all the love remains and I couldn’t imagine doing life with anyone else but Nate. Here are 10 marriage tips I’d love to share with you that I hope helps in your relationship. Although I am not a therapist, 19 years has to mean something right? Enjoy! 1. A spiritual connection is a must. The foundation has to be there. How else will you get through the hard times? Trust me, they will come. Pray! 2. Improve your communication skills. Listen first. Validate second. Try to find a solution third. Remove your emotion. Trust me, it often gets in the way of resolution. 3. Date each other even when you get married. Date night is a must once a week in our home. So much happens in a week. Taking time once a week to catch up, look nice for your spouse, and connect intimately really does make a difference. 4. Forgive each other over and over again. Give each other grace and practice patience. 5. Find common interests that you both enjoy! It’s so freakin fun!!! Trust me! You’re welcome! ;) 6. Look for the best in each other. We all have flaws. See the good and say the good! 7. Show respect for each other even in the hard times. Times will get hard, but respect is a non-negotiable. 8. Work on yourself. Continue becoming your best self. It is not your spouse’s job to make you happy. If you better yourself, you better your marriage. 9. Find a therapist to help navigate your relationship. Do not talk to family and friends. A neutral third party that does not know either one of you and is licensed is an absolute must. 10. Never stop! Never stop loving on one another, complimenting one another, praying for one another, dating one another, and believing the best in one another. Even when it’s hard, never stop. Happy anniversary to my best friend, my cuddle partner, and my boo Nate Burleson! I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you. With love, AB

  • Getaway with Bae!

    Nate and I take an annual vacation to reconnect, reflect and enjoy one another. Anguilla has some of the most beautifully unspoiled beaches in the Western Hemisphere. The sand is a light brown sugar that turns into soft clay once the waves gently hit the shore. The sea is a shade of blue that is almost impossible to describe. It stayed in the 80’s all week, but then a breeze passes through that cools your skin. We stayed at the Aurora resort which is very private and has direct access to the beach and crystal light blue waters. The service was incredible and the staff were next level. The concierge was very helpful with scheduling some fun excursions, dinner reservations and spa treatments. Speaking of spa treatments, the spa was simply splendid. I chose the body scrub and a 90 minute deep tissue massage. Nate also chose a massage along with a manicure and pedicure. The massage was much needed post tennis match with Nate! I hadn’t moved that fast in quite a while. It was literally the best massage I have ever had. The liquid gel that she put on my skin to moisturize it even lasted after I showered! I asked her if I could purchase it, but unfortunately it wasn’t for sale. I will find out their secret one day! ;) Next, I went to the hot tub and soaked with my hubby for a bit. We had the hot tub all to ourselves. It was such a vibe and so very relaxing! We laughed, talked and relaxed as the bubbles gently hit our back. I would definitely say the spa experience at Aurora was exquisite! Places to eat: The Sunshine Shack was our go to spot right on the beach and only a short beach walk distance from the Aurora. It had good vibes, amazing food like grilled lobster, fall-off-the-bone ribs, and bbq chicken along with some yummy sides including rice, a fresh salad with avocado, fries, and coleslaw. They also created a few delicious cocktails while you waited for your meal and the music definitely gives you the island vibe. The Sunshine Shack never disappointed! Say hello to Garvey (the owner) when you visit. He is always very welcoming with a big smile on his face. Another delicious place to eat is Marella located on the other side of Aurora. They have these delicious Johnny cakes that are delicately seasoned and such a yummy start to the beginning of your meal. There was no other Johnny cakes we tasted anywhere on the island quite like Marella’s! Pimms was another delicious restaurant at Cap Jaluca. It’s also located right on the water. The water is calm and is definitely quite the scenic view! Make a reservation around 6 pm so that you can look out over the water and enjoy the sunset as you eat. It really does make your dinner feel incredibly special! Adventure: We got out on the water and it was so worth it! Definitely consider snorkeling as there are spots so clear that you can see parts of the ocean floor. The fish are beautiful and there are spots where the water is calm and you can jump in and enjoy! There is also a daring spot where we were taken to cliff jump. It definitely wasn’t easy but worth the jump! For all you adrenaline junkies, go for it! Finally, we visited the Four Seasons for night life and ambience. The food and drinks were spectacular and the service was just as kind there (I believe it’s the Anguilla way.) We listened to a local island group called Omalie. He has such an amazing voice and the keyboard, drummer, and bass player made him sound even better! Shout out to J! If you are considering Anguilla, it is worth the visit. The weather is consistent, the people are kind, and you will feel safe in paradise! Taking some time to get away and reconnect with your significant other really does make a difference in your relationship. I know it did for us! 💛 Thank you Anguilla for sharing your special island with us. We sincerely enjoyed ourselves and will be back soon. I hope to see you all there! If you want to know what I wore - I did a little vacay round up. With Love, AB

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