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  • Top 5 Tips for traveling to Paris

    I've always dreamed of traveling to Paris! My dreams came true this summer and Paris was everything I dreamed of! From the Eiffel Tower, to the Louvre, to the Seine River we truly enjoyed touring Paris, France. People watching was magnificent and the food did not disappoint! Here are my top 5 tips when traveling to Paris! Plan your itinerary, but cut it back a third. Use the extra time to walk around, people watch and take in the moments. Although we went to the Louvre during the day, I would recommend going at night. It is less crowded and a different ambiance. Not to mention much cooler! I would recommend cutting your tour time in half. Four hours is usually suggested, however, we felt like 2 to 2 1/2 hours was plenty. If possible, increase your budget by 25% to allow for spontaneous fun and gives you more time to explore the beauty of France (a bottle of wine, a souvenir, or shopping). However many days you are traveling to Paris, add on one extra day. There is so much to see and do and I wish we had more time to truly take it all in! Listed below are my favorite hotels, restaurants, and tours. Please comment below or ask questions and I'd be happy to answer! Top 3 hotels Cheval Blanc - The newest hotel in Paris and it definitely over exceeded our expectations!! It is also located right next door to La Samaritaine, which is the most amazing department store in Paris! The location is right where you want to be. Cheval Blanc also has a Dior Spa that is heavenly and it has the longest indoor pool in Europe. This hotel also includes your airport transfers with VIP meet and greet as well as fast track immigration. If you need a ride somewhere, the hotel will drop you off in a BMW 750i and goes above and beyond to make you feel so special. 5 stars all the way!! Four Seasons - The location is also fantastic here as well. The Four Seasons is the only hotel in Europe with a total of 5 Michelin Starred restaurants. You never can go wrong at a Four Seasons hotel! Lunch at Le George was my favorite food experience in Paris!! The feel is magical! See below my remarks of the restaurant. Le Bristol - This hotel is the epitome of French Elegance. The meals are delicious, the settings were superb, it has a lovely courtyard and a rooftop pool! Yes please! Customer service and attention to detail are fantastic here! Restaurants Girafe - Best view of the Eiffel Tower! When you add the food and specialty drinks to an outdoor Parisian style decor, you have no choice but to enjoy yourself. Take your time and enjoy the views, they do not disappoint! Gigi Paris - Live music and beautiful linens and dishes. Gigi was such a chic restaurant. I enjoyed the food and I grooved to the music all evening! A sophisticated feel!! Le George - Inside the Four Seasons. Chandeliers, floral arrangements by Jeff Leatham and a breathtaking marble courtyard with heavenly views! None of this compares to the exceptional service and luxurious food that lives up to ALL the hype! This experience was once in a lifetime! Well, let's hope not because I'm definitely returning again! L'Avenue - Lunch or dinner. It's located right on the corner, therefore, you can sit and have a drink, people watch and enjoy some delicious food! The restaurant is trendy and people come to dress! I enjoyed the lobster spaghetti and the delicious wine! Not to mention it is close to all the shopping you can enjoy in Paris! Must do Tours Louvre - We chose to skip the line and use a tour guide. Trust me when I say it was worth it! Eiffel Tower - We went with a group tour here. There was no need to pay for a private tour guide. It's crowded any way and everyone has to wait for the elevator to move up and down regardless. Have patience here, this one takes a while but it is such a special view! Seine River Cruise - We chose a private boat which was perfect because no one was in our way, we were able to take in the views by water, watch the sun set and take as many pictures as we pleased. So magical! Private Vintage Traction Tour - If you want to take in the entire city of Paris, this is definitely a different experience. You get to drive around Paris in an old french car like you're in a vintage film. The driver took us around to see the different monuments such as the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Elysees, and the Place de la Concorde. Hearing the stories and learning about the rich history of France was such a fun time. We were able to stop along the way and take pictures and video. Priceless! Paris was such a phenomenal trip!! I was able to enjoy the City of Love with my best friend! Between the hotel experience, the tours, the food, and the shopping, I could not have asked for a better first trip to France. Honestly, I wish we could have stayed longer. Nevertheless, Paris you hold a special place in our hearts and we will be back sooner than later! Merci beaucoup!

  • insideLINES Podcast

    Can you believe it’s been 4 months since the Live Super Bowl LVI show at Nordstrom for insideLINES Podcast?! It was such an amazing show in Los Angeles and I am forever grateful to everyone who attended, supported, and cheered us on. To our amazing guests that graced the stage, we thank you for your vulnerability! 🙏🏾 I think back to the creation of this podcast and how far we have come. Creating insideLINES was an idea I discovered as I sat in my kitchen homeschooling my son for a year. We had just moved to the East Coast from the West Coast for my hubby’s new job and similar to the other states I‘ve lived in, people genuinely had questions and wanted to know more about me, my relationship, and my family. I would get the comments like, “Wow, you are so different than how I thought you’d be,” as I was at every game for my kids with my hair pulled back in a ponytail, no makeup on and wearing sneakers while talking and laughing with everyone. I thought to myself, let’s give the people what they want and open up our lives so they truly know who we as women are. 😉 So, I reached out to my girlfriend Tia Avril and asked her to join me and the rest is history! InsideLINES has welcomed incredible women while having in depth conversations about their careers, lives, and the multifaceted roles women play. This safe space was created for women to get candid about their lives and give you a behind the scenes first hand scoop into their careers, their families and their struggles. To all the women that have blessed us with their stories, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And to everyone that has supported our podcast, Tia and I are grateful for your continued support and encouragement. ❤️ Please let us know who you’d like us to have on the show. The 2022 football season is just around the corner and fantasy football will kick off soon, so if you’re interested in learning how to play and want to enjoy some sisterhood, please email us at or hit us up on Instagram @insidelinespodcast. Here are a few pictures from our live podcast in Los Angeles at Super Bowl LVI. 🎉 We hope you can join us for our next live show in Arizona at Super Bowl LVII!!! Bring a girlfriend and don’t forget to follow us on Apple, Spotify, or any podcast platform you prefer. Stay tuned as the new season is coming soon! 🎥 With love, AB 💋

  • Self Care for the Beauty- Loving Mom

    Moms are the most selfless humans in history. I think about Mother’s Day (aka don’t lift a finger day) and it may be the only day we are globally recognized and shown that extra love that is well deserved and long over due. I was taken to a spa called Biologique Recherche Paris on Mother’s Day after eating brunch in the city with the family. I was pleasantly surprised with my first ever body wrap experience! Ahhhhh!!! I was covered in this algae moisturizing exfoliating gel that exfoliates the skin while moisturizing and detoxing the body. I was then wrapped up like a burrito and I laid there for about 30 minutes. The algae made my skin warm and it felt like my body was baking, so I fell asleep while nice and cozy. After waking up, I rinsed off and then drifted away again while being massaged and moisturized with skin care products simultaneously. It felt like heaven! After the wrap, I realized how dry and unprotected my skin was. It dawned on me how important it is to take care of my skin daily with a consistent moisturizing skin care routine for my body as well. My skin felt so beautiful after the body wrap. It was much softer, hydrated, and revitalized! Talk about overdue self care! Speaking of self care, I want to gift someone with one of my favorite skin care products by Lamer. I feel like mothers should be celebrated throughout the year. These products are truly some of the best moisturizing products out there and it makes my face look and feel amazing! Also, I included my favorite moisturizing lotion for the body called Kiehl’s Crème de Corps. It will truly help you understand why hydration really is pertinent to the skin. Please check out my skincare giveaway below and happy moisturizing! Giveaway Alert You will receive a La Mer package with sample products to enjoy like the cleansing foam, the moisturizing soft cream, lifting and firming mask, the regenerating serum, the eye concentrate, the moisturizing cream, the moisturizing matte lotion and their latest new product which is a moisturizing cool gel cream. This is one of the best skin care packages you will ever get for FREE! It comes in an adorable Lamer travel bag and of course included is the Kiehl’s crème de corps for the body. All you have to do is comment on this blog and then head to Instagram and tag a friend that you’d love to share these products with. Trust me when I say this is more than worth it!

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    Meet Atoya Welcome! I'm Atoya Burleson. I have been in the sports world for most of my life. As a collegiate hurdle champion, I met my husband, Nate Burleson in college at the University of Nevada. Who would have known what God had in store for us?! Nate played 11 years in the NFL and we have travelled and moved more times than I can count! He is now an NFL television host in New York City and together we're raising our three incredible children - Nate, Nehemiah, and Mia. Through the several cities we have lived in, I've had to continuously adapt to everything thrown my way. I created this space as an outlet to share my life and all I've learned throughout my journey. From home ideas (making every house a home), parenting tips (after fumbling the ball a few times), fashion (events that are big or small), beauty and self care (simple and quick), health and fitness (working out and healthy eating), as well as travel ideas (my escape), this is my life, hopefully making yours just a little bit easier. Life is insanely busy, but I wouldn't want it any other way. Remember to try things that make you smile! While you're at it, please check out my podcast insideLINES . Connecting, empowering, and inspiring women is something I truly enjoy. On insideLINES you can get an intimate look and listen as guests share their truths about life, love, sports, and careers. Thanks for stopping by!

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