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  • 6 Outfit Ideas for Your Next Football Game

    Football season is in full swing and I'm here for it! Our weekends consist of football, football, and more football. From high school to the NFL, we are ALL IN when it comes to this sport. So, I thought it would be fun to share some outfit ideas for your next football game. Whether you're going to a stadium or are watching it on your couch, these looks are not only festive, but perfect for the fall season as well. 1. Casual Cool This has to be one of my easy go-to looks when it comes to football season. Not only is it casual, but it has cool mom written all over it. 2. Classy & Sassy When I'm feeling like I want to class things up, I'll opt for a snakeskin or faux leather legging like these. You could pair them with a jean jacket, blazer, or leather jacket for a more dressed up look. 3. Shacket Season Nothing says fall like a plaid shacket, and I right? Shackets also make the perfect football game attire because they're warm, cozy and chic. I styled mine with some distressed jeans and high-tops. 4. Jersey & Jeans Sport your favorite team or player and break out that jersey baby! Be the ultimate cheer leader and represent by pairing your jersey with some jeans and cool kicks. 5. Craving Plaid I love me some plaid! It's so festive and screams fall. This jacket is so cozy so it's perfect for those cool fall nights. It will keep you warm without compromising style. 6. Funky & Fun Who said sweats can't be fun? I love this set because it brings out my funky and playful side. Whether I'm snuggled up on the couch or cheering from the bleachers, a matching set is the way to go. Don't forget to follow me on LTK for more outfit ideas, what I'm wearing, and my favorite finds I don't share anywhere else! With Love, AB

  • 5 Fall Musts

    Fall is definitely my favorite season! There are so many comforting and exciting elements that happen when Summer says goodbye and Fall begins. The weather begins to chill, the leaves begin to turn and I immediately think about my must haves for the season. Here are 5 things I truly enjoy about the Autumn season that will help jump start the season for you as well! Candles are at the top of the list! I love burning candles in the evening or sometimes early in the morning. I prefer particular smells in certain areas of the house. For example, in the family room I love a warm sultry scent, however in the bathroom I prefer a clean, fresh scent. Now, in the kitchen I am in need of something that mirrors the smells of baking in the kitchen whether that be something that smells like pumpkin, apple, cinnamon or even vanilla. All of those smells compliment whatever it is that you are cooking and triggers my childhood for me. Some of my favorite candle companies include Lomar Farms, School Scents, and Buttadream! When the weather changes, so does my skin. I always use a serum but typically add in a heavier moisturizer to combat the cold dry weather. My top two serums are Skin Ceuticals hydrating B5 and tru skin Vitamin C. My go to moisturizers are Kiehl's ultra facial cream and La Mer’s soft cream moisturizer. It’s worth the investment! In the summer we are in shorts, dresses, and skirts. However, in Fall layers begin and I LOVE layers. It’s like climate control! From a puffer vest over a short sleeve or long sleeve shirt, to a hooded sweatshirt with a jean jacket over it you can never go wrong! But the ultimate Fall layer is the Flannel with a t- shirt and a pair of jeans! Pair all three outfits with a pair of sneakers for drop offs and running errands and you are ready to roll!! Slow down ladies, it’s not boot season yet! ;) Recipes change during the Fall season as well. Summer is light and healthy foods like salads and wraps while Fall is all about comfort foods!! Here are a couple recipes I enjoy to commemorate the fall season. Chili with Cornbread Chicken Fettuccine Your favorite warm beverage in a mug that makes you smile! Football is BACK!!! The weekend is all football around here! From high school football to the NFL we are ALL IN when it comes to the Pig Skin!! Did I mention I play fantasy football and started a ladies only fantasy football league in conjunction with my podcast? If you’ve ever wanted to play, here’s your chance! To hear more, check out my podcast called insideLINES podcast where we talk football, share our HOT TAKES, and interview some bad ass females!! Or just email us at! Female empowerment and community is what we are all about! Happy Fall Yall! With Love, AB

  • Top 5 Tips for traveling to Paris

    I've always dreamed of traveling to Paris! My dreams came true this summer and Paris was everything I dreamed of! From the Eiffel Tower, to the Louvre, to the Seine River we truly enjoyed touring Paris, France. People watching was magnificent and the food did not disappoint! Here are my top 5 tips when traveling to Paris! Plan your itinerary, but cut it back a third. Use the extra time to walk around, people watch and take in the moments. Although we went to the Louvre during the day, I would recommend going at night. It is less crowded and a different ambiance. Not to mention much cooler! I would recommend cutting your tour time in half. Four hours is usually suggested, however, we felt like 2 to 2 1/2 hours was plenty. If possible, increase your budget by 25% to allow for spontaneous fun and gives you more time to explore the beauty of France (a bottle of wine, a souvenir, or shopping). However many days you are traveling to Paris, add on one extra day. There is so much to see and do and I wish we had more time to truly take it all in! Listed below are my favorite hotels, restaurants, and tours. Please comment below or ask questions and I'd be happy to answer! Top 3 hotels Cheval Blanc - The newest hotel in Paris and it definitely over exceeded our expectations!! It is also located right next door to La Samaritaine, which is the most amazing department store in Paris! The location is right where you want to be. Cheval Blanc also has a Dior Spa that is heavenly and it has the longest indoor pool in Europe. This hotel also includes your airport transfers with VIP meet and greet as well as fast track immigration. If you need a ride somewhere, the hotel will drop you off in a BMW 750i and goes above and beyond to make you feel so special. 5 stars all the way!! Four Seasons - The location is also fantastic here as well. The Four Seasons is the only hotel in Europe with a total of 5 Michelin Starred restaurants. You never can go wrong at a Four Seasons hotel! Lunch at Le George was my favorite food experience in Paris!! The feel is magical! See below my remarks of the restaurant. Le Bristol - This hotel is the epitome of French Elegance. The meals are delicious, the settings were superb, it has a lovely courtyard and a rooftop pool! Yes please! Customer service and attention to detail are fantastic here! Restaurants Girafe - Best view of the Eiffel Tower! When you add the food and specialty drinks to an outdoor Parisian style decor, you have no choice but to enjoy yourself. Take your time and enjoy the views, they do not disappoint! Gigi Paris - Live music and beautiful linens and dishes. Gigi was such a chic restaurant. I enjoyed the food and I grooved to the music all evening! A sophisticated feel!! Le George - Inside the Four Seasons. Chandeliers, floral arrangements by Jeff Leatham and a breathtaking marble courtyard with heavenly views! None of this compares to the exceptional service and luxurious food that lives up to ALL the hype! This experience was once in a lifetime! Well, let's hope not because I'm definitely returning again! L'Avenue - Lunch or dinner. It's located right on the corner, therefore, you can sit and have a drink, people watch and enjoy some delicious food! The restaurant is trendy and people come to dress! I enjoyed the lobster spaghetti and the delicious wine! Not to mention it is close to all the shopping you can enjoy in Paris! Must do Tours Louvre - We chose to skip the line and use a tour guide. Trust me when I say it was worth it! Eiffel Tower - We went with a group tour here. There was no need to pay for a private tour guide. It's crowded any way and everyone has to wait for the elevator to move up and down regardless. Have patience here, this one takes a while but it is such a special view! Seine River Cruise - We chose a private boat which was perfect because no one was in our way, we were able to take in the views by water, watch the sun set and take as many pictures as we pleased. So magical! Private Vintage Traction Tour - If you want to take in the entire city of Paris, this is definitely a different experience. You get to drive around Paris in an old french car like you're in a vintage film. The driver took us around to see the different monuments such as the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Elysees, and the Place de la Concorde. Hearing the stories and learning about the rich history of France was such a fun time. We were able to stop along the way and take pictures and video. Priceless! Paris was such a phenomenal trip!! I was able to enjoy the City of Love with my best friend! Between the hotel experience, the tours, the food, and the shopping, I could not have asked for a better first trip to France. Honestly, I wish we could have stayed longer. Nevertheless, Paris you hold a special place in our hearts and we will be back sooner than later! Merci beaucoup!

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