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  • The Art of Getting Cozy

    With mercury in retrograde, I'm constantly under my blankets while at home! One goal when decorating our home was to make it super cozy & inviting. One of the biggest compliments that I get is that our home looks cozy & classy which makes me happy because every room in our home should feel warm & inviting where I can fully relax and unwind. It’s important for our guests to feel welcomed & my family to love being in every room of the home. To me there are a few simple steps that come naturally to me that I’d love to share with you. Include a Great Throw Physically surrounding yourself with something cozy can instantly change the way you feel. A great throw that is easily accessible so that you can curl up on the sofa with a good book or a movie is a must! Cashmere feels luxurious, but the price is often a deterrent to purchase. Other cozy options include faux fur or a soft plush, like this from Barefoot Dreams. A great throw is cozy when wrapped around you, but also helps to add texture to the space even when not in use. For example mixing a wood coffee table, with a wicker basket, a few different texture pillows, some greenery, and cozy throws add so much texture which in turn makes the space feel warm comfy. I always have a basket in the family that holds blankets in order to curl up on the sofa. I also enjoy rugs in each room to anchor the room, & of course a ton of pillows because I’m obsessed. Tip: Simply change out the weight of your throw depending on the time of year. Choose a lightweight option during warmer months and a heavy one during cold months. Either way, a throw visually represents a feeling of coziness. Add a Familiar Scent Smell is one of our most important senses and it can influence our mood without us even realizing it. If you’re having trouble sleeping, lacking productivity when working from home, finding it difficult to de-stress, or can’t shift the stale smell of last night’s dinner, don’t fret – you can use candles and essential oils in diffusers, to enhance the aroma of every room of your home. In a bathroom, smells can be difficult to control. Diffusers can be a great option, given they purify air. l use my favorite diffuser to keep my bathroom smelling like an oasis 24-hours a day. Lighting a candle, especially one that gives off a calming scent, will help you relax after a long day. Scented candles fill a room with a lasting aroma, give an extra bit of light, and adds a calming effect to your house. They instantly make any night cozier. Add a bit of nature Indoor plants or vases of fresh flowers don't just add a little pop of color to a space, they also make it seem more relaxing. Not only do they provide a connection to nature , but they bring about a sense of calm, can reduce stress and fatigue, and can even boost your mood. All of which aid in achieving a cozy feeling at home. Don’t really have a green thumb? Succulents make that perfect green pop without needing that green thumb! I’d love to hear from you! What are your favorite tricks for creating a warm and cozy home? Is your cozy living room the best space in your house? Or is it a bedroom? Please share in the comments! With love, AB

  • Here’s To New Beginnings

    Vision Boards have been a powerful tool for me in my manifesting journey. It turns out putting your goals on paper in this type of visual format can actually help you achieve them. Like many others, some of my 2021 goals had to be readjusted. I have found having a major theme for the year and marking specific short term and long term goals for major areas such as spiritual, financial, relational, health, etc. helps to keep me motivated and focused on progress. I’ve been doing them for years and will be carrying on the tradition by building my board with my family this year. It's wild how many things on my vision board have become reality. Back in my college days, I was hurdler on the track and field team. I made a goal to run 13.95 in the 100 hurdles. I wrote it on a small piece of paper and slipped it into my track spikes. I remember practicing all week as well as envisioning what my race would look like in order for me to achieve this goal. After competing at the conference championships I ran the race of my life! I came in first place in a close race. I looked over at the digital clock to see what my time was and low and behold, I ran the exact time I manifested and claimed for myself! I couldn’t believe it. I was so grateful to be a collegiate hurdle champ and even more grateful to have worked hard to reach my exact goal! I that’s when I began to understand what manifestation meant. If you are not sure how to begin your vision board, try an exercise where you envision your ideal year or season. What concepts can you translate into words or experiences? For example, if you envision getting a raise, promotion, or new home, you might want to include images of money, a workplace, or your dream home. While these are not exact representations of how your dreams might be realized, they embody the concepts you are seeking to achieve. Everything on your vision board represents the meaning YOU assign to it. To help you get started, check out this Vision Board kit on Amazon. This one is simple and a great starter kit if you’ve never tried one. Here’s another option you might enjoy as well. It’s half cork board half white board. It's time to hunt through your old stashes for visual representations of your goal. If you prefer to go the digital route, there are plenty of free online programs to help you make your vision board. For simplicity, you could create a board on Pinterest. Once you're done, put your vision board in a place that's within your regular line of sight—your nightstand, your home office, or even by your television—because the key is to look at it as often as possible. Alternatively, you can use a digital vision board as your laptop's backdrop or your phone's home screen. Please remember that although your vision board is your starting place, be open to variations of what you want to achieve. Sometimes we miss the fact that we’ve achieved something great, because it doesn’t look exactly like we thought it would. Enjoy creating your vision board! I look forward to celebrating with you on all your accomplishments in 2022! Happy YOU year! With Love, AB

  • The Christmas Burnout

    Ladies, once again we made it through the hustle and bustle of the holidays! From searching for gifts, buying gifts, wrapping gifts, planning to host Christmas dinner, the decor, the cooking and finally the execution, if you are reading this YOU SURVIVED! There is a chance you may be exhausted or burnt out today (I definitely am). However, it’s the last self care Sunday of the year, and my hope is that you take this day to show yourself that you matter. Love on yourself, heal yourself, build new habits, and end 2021 prioritizing you! Here are a few ideas to try out that will hopefully make you smile. Happy last Self Care Sunday 2021! Skin: These daily peel skin care treatments by Dr. Dennis Gross are a must try! Don’t forget to try the eye patches. I was unsure trying about trying them, but now I’m obsessed with Peter Thomas Roth’s eye patches. My eyes feel so lively afterwards! Body: The Hypervolt Go massage gun is like getting a massage after a workout! It will leave your muscles feeling refreshed! Get the massage gun, your family will be hooked too! Cozy: Enjoy a nice warm bath with these Ouai Chill Pills and them slip into this cozy chic robe which is prefect for the winter! Mental: The Nest wellness candles are perfect for bath time and beyond. I burn mine whenever I want to relax and have down time! It makes me feel as though I’m at the spa! Comfort: If you want to cozy up with a blanket, I have the perfect blanket for you. It’s soft and cozy and it reminds me of the times when I was young and would cuddle with my stuffed animal. Physical: There’s nothing better than getting a workout in. It can be a walk with some small weights, a light jog, or even a quick circuit. If you have the time, spend 30 minutes of your self care day taking care of you physically as well as mentally. Don’t forget to hydrate and make sure your sneakers are still comfy! Travel: Plan a trip and follow through. Whether it’s a road trip or on a plane, take some time for you! I love the Beis luggage to travel. The carry on & weekender are my go to! It is so easy and organized and makes me feel good about having everything because there is literally a compartment or cube for everything! While you are there, splurge for that massage or facial. Yes, I said it treat yourself and let someone serve you! We are ending this year with self care and making plans for 2022! A refreshed and better you will only bless your loved ones around you! I hope you find at least one thing on this self care list for 2021 that you enjoy and can take into the New Year! The burn out blues are real. You work hard and you truly deserve a moment for you. YOU make magic happen!! Remember, when we take out time to love on ourselves, everybody wins!! May you and those around you end this year winning!! Happy Holidays! Love, AB

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