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The Christmas Burnout

Ladies, once again we made it through the hustle and bustle of the holidays! From searching for gifts, buying gifts, wrapping gifts, planning to host Christmas dinner, the decor, the cooking and finally the execution, if you are reading this YOU SURVIVED!

There is a chance you may be exhausted or burnt out today (I definitely am). However, it’s the last self care Sunday of the year, and my hope is that you take this day to show yourself that you matter. Love on yourself, heal yourself, build new habits, and end 2021 prioritizing you! Here are a few ideas to try out that will hopefully make you smile. Happy last Self Care Sunday 2021!

  1. Skin: These daily peel skin care treatments by Dr. Dennis Gross are a must try! Don’t forget to try the eye patches. I was unsure trying about trying them, but now I’m obsessed with Peter Thomas Roth’s eye patches. My eyes feel so lively afterwards!

  2. Body: The Hypervolt Go massage gun is like getting a massage after a workout! It will leave your muscles feeling refreshed! Get the massage gun, your family will be hooked too!

  3. Cozy: Enjoy a nice warm bath with these Ouai Chill Pills and them slip into this cozy chic robe which is prefect for the winter!

  4. Mental: The Nest wellness candles are perfect for bath time and beyond. I burn mine whenever I want to relax and have down time! It makes me feel as though I’m at the spa!

  5. Comfort: If you want to cozy up with a blanket, I have the perfect blanket for you. It’s soft and cozy and it reminds me of the times when I was young and would cuddle with my stuffed animal.

  6. Physical: There’s nothing better than getting a workout in. It can be a walk with some small weights, a light jog, or even a quick circuit. If you have the time, spend 30 minutes of your self care day taking care of you physically as well as mentally. Don’t forget to hydrate and make sure your sneakers are still comfy!

  7. Travel: Plan a trip and follow through. Whether it’s a road trip or on a plane, take some time for you! I love the Beis luggage to travel. The carry on & weekender are my go to! It is so easy and organized and makes me feel good about having everything because there is literally a compartment or cube for everything! While you are there, splurge for that massage or facial. Yes, I said it treat yourself and let someone serve you! We are ending this year with self care and making plans for 2022! A refreshed and better you will only bless your loved ones around you!

I hope you find at least one thing on this self care list for 2021 that you enjoy and can take into the New Year! The burn out blues are real. You work hard and you truly deserve a moment for you. YOU make magic happen!! Remember, when we take out time to love on ourselves, everybody wins!! May you and those around you end this year winning!! Happy Holidays! Love,


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