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Stand with Ukraine

I’m sure we are well aware of the suffering in Ukraine. As destruction worsens and casualties mount during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, people all over the world are looking for ways to help.

One simple step, experts say, is to remain informed about the conflict and to be cautious about the information that’s spread on social media. Disinformation is one of Russia’s favorite weapons of war, and accidentally amplifying it can harm civilians.

Another easy step is to donate money. Most large international aid organizations, including UNICEF, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), the International Committee of the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, and the International Rescue Committee are currently working in Ukraine and neighboring countries, where a growing number of displaced people are fleeing.

Your local YMCA is another place to check as they may be sending medical supplies. Please reach out to ask what they may need. Most importantly, please pray for the families and victims of Ukraine. It was devastating to see that maternity wards were bombed. Although this is not our home, it is still a fight for humanity and the rights we should all be afforded. President Biden stated, "If we do not stand for freedom where it is at risk today, we'll surely pay a steeper price tomorrow." To stand is to help other humans in ANY way possible. Thanks for doing your part and bringing light to such dark circumstances.

With love,


A verified list of NGOs, organizations and useful links:


Print Drive for Ukraine Brooklyn-based print sale initiative with 100% of funds going towards support of the Ukrainian children.

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