Tom Girl

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

This picture was taken for my 40th birthday and this was my first REAL photo shoot I've ever planned. I'm talking hair, makeup, and wardrobe planned. It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun! Usually I am in leggings and a tank (maybe a sweatshirt if it's cold) dropping off the kids, cooking, working out and trying to keep my house together. However, for some reason I woke up and was like I am going to do something special for my milestone. I called my girlfriend up and told her I needed my hair did and she was like, YASSS, let's do this!! And wall-lah!!

The evolution of Atoya has been nothing short of miraculous. From shorts, tanks, and sneakers everyday to skirts, dresses, and a pop of sparkle here and there. I have finally hit my stride where I don't think of myself as just a tom boy/athlete. To this day I have never seen myself as a girly girl, but when it's time to dress up and play the part you better know that I'm bringing it! I have definitely evolved into a mixture or a crossover of both. I don't want to be one or the other. I may throw on a dress with some sneakers or put on some leggings with a pair of heels. It's whatever I feel in the moment. I've learned to embrace not just part of me but ALL of me. Stop letting others (or yourself) talk you into one specific category and instead see the multifaceted person you were meant to become. I love the many dimensions of myself. I might throw on some sweats and the add some jewelry because I want a little sparkle in my life. It's fun to mix and match. Dressing for others' approval will never make you happy. Instead be authentically you! That's when you will smile and feel confident. Pick your favorite feature you LOVE and accentuate it! Do things that make you feel good. Dress up, dress down, dress up and down! Just do you!! You will be surprised at how many compliments you get because of the energy you emit and you will realize how refreshing it is to be comfortable in your own skin!

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