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Self Care Sundays

The words self care can mean so many things. For me self care is a Sunday tradition that I try whole heartedly to stick to. It is the day that I am not a mom or a wife. Instead, I am only Atoya and that is who I take care of. Self care can look so different from one Sunday to another. One day it can be drinking a gallon of water, putting on a mask, lighting a candle and relaxing. Another day it can be, meditating, reading, and staying in my pajamas all day. I try to listen to my body and take care of it accordingly. Every week is different and I honor myself right where I am. It's like going to the doctor. You don't get the same prescription every time you visit. Instead, the doctor needs to examine you and listen to what symptoms your body is experiencing before prescribing you the right medication. That is exactly how you should treat your body and your mind. Take a moment and listen to yourself. Feel the feels, explore your mind and act accordingly.

It's important to love on yourself, treat yourself and give yourself rest. If you don't give to yourself, how will you properly give to others? Part of self care is remembering it's okay to say no. It will serve you well by helping to create balance in your life. Don't give in to the mom guilt! It's not real! I repeat, It's not real! What is real is self love. It's important to love on yourself, heal, grow, and discover yourself in a new way. So take a day and drink your water, moisturize, read, write in your journal, talk to God, grow and glow! You can take on the world the other 6 days of the week!

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