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Self Care for the Beauty- Loving Mom

Moms are the most selfless humans in history. I think about Mother’s Day (aka don’t lift a finger day) and it may be the only day we are globally recognized and shown that extra love that is well deserved and long over due. I was taken to a spa called Biologique Recherche Paris on Mother’s Day after eating brunch in the city with the family. I was pleasantly surprised with my first ever body wrap experience! Ahhhhh!!!

I was covered in this algae moisturizing exfoliating gel that exfoliates the skin while moisturizing and detoxing the body. I was then wrapped up like a burrito and I laid there for about 30 minutes. The algae made my skin warm and it felt like my body was baking, so I fell asleep while nice and cozy. After waking up, I rinsed off and then drifted away again while being massaged and moisturized with skin care products simultaneously. It felt like heaven!

After the wrap, I realized how dry and unprotected my skin was. It dawned on me how important it is to take care of my skin daily with a consistent moisturizing skin care routine for my body as well. My skin felt so beautiful after the body wrap. It was much softer, hydrated, and revitalized! Talk about overdue self care!

Speaking of self care, I want to gift someone with one of my favorite skin care products by Lamer. I feel like mothers should be celebrated throughout the year. These products are truly some of the best moisturizing products out there and it makes my face look and feel amazing! Also, I included my favorite moisturizing lotion for the body called Kiehl’s Crème de Corps. It will truly help you understand why hydration really is pertinent to the skin. Please check out my skincare giveaway below and happy moisturizing!

Giveaway Alert

You will receive a La Mer package with sample products to enjoy like the cleansing foam, the moisturizing soft cream, lifting and firming mask, the regenerating serum, the eye concentrate, the moisturizing cream, the moisturizing matte lotion and their latest new product which is a moisturizing cool gel cream. This is one of the best skin care packages you will ever get for FREE! It comes in an adorable Lamer travel bag and of course included is the Kiehl’s crème de corps for the body.

All you have to do is comment on this blog and then head to Instagram and tag a friend that you’d love to share these products with. Trust me when I say this is more than worth it!

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