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Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a day with so many incredibly complicated layers to it. There are those that may not have known their mother but are now mothers themselves. Those that have lost a child whether it be in the womb or while on this Earth. Mother's day may be about celebrating a grandmother, God mother or even an adopted mother. Mother's day may be tough for those that have recently lost a mother. Whatever the case may be I've realized how much women endure in their lives. The resilience, love, and strength of a woman are more than often overlooked. With all of the losses in our lives women still find a way to love so deep. We are the heartbeats of our family, the nurturer, encourager, care taker, creative, affectionate being that loves everyone and makes them feel like everything is okay.

Wherever you all are this Sunday, I hope you feel like it's okay. I hope you are loved, shown affection, cared for, and encouraged. I hope you get back a glimpse of what we as women have given for centuries upon centuries. I hope you sit back, relax and feel as special as you have made others feel. We ALL deserve it. Every single one of us. Your joy is just as important as others. I see us all working our butts off and trying to figure it out together even though at times we may feel alone and exhausted. That's what we do, we figure it out right?! This is true, but not this Sunday. This is your day to sit back and enjoy the show. Don't you dare lift a finger!

While you are sitting there I want you all to know that I see you. Whether you have lost a mother or a baby, I give you your flowers today. If you are estranged from your mother or never knew your mother, I give you your flowers today. For those who can't conceive, I give you your flowers today. We are all worthy of being shown the love we so freely give. If you are sad today, I am sending you a virtual hug. I am praying for and sending love to all women because although our stories are different we all deserve to be loved. So walk on up on this virtual stage, receive your flowers and take a bow! On this day relax and reflect. Take it all in and then get ready to rock and roll on Monday! However, don't forget every now and then to take a break and smell your flowers to remind yourself of the amazing person you truly are. Happy Mother's Day Queen!!!

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