MOMba: Building Confidence

In this game of life, we as adults need confidence boosters along the way because at times life can be extremely difficult. When it comes to our children they consistently need even more reminders of how great they are. Their confidence is still forming and their belief patterns are still impressionable. Here are my top 10 confidence boosters that will help remind your kids of who they are and foster a better relationship between you and your son and/or daughter.

  1. Be specific on your positive praise. "I really like that you went over and encouraged your friend when he was hurt. Not only are you a great teammate but a caring friend."

  2. Support them by using their love language. (Physical touch, words of affirmations, etc.)

  3. Remind them of who they are. Sometimes they will be discouraged and need a gentle reminder. ;)

  4. Ask them how you can help them to succeed. Give them time to think and an opportunity to respond.

  5. Set aside 1:1 quality time outside of sports to talk and connect with no distractions.

  6. Teach them to practice positive self talk. This starts with you; do you practice this? Have they seen this example in their life?

  7. Encourage them to try something new. This stimulates courage outside of what they know and have done for many years and helps them to understand balance. We all need something outside of our everyday life in order to decompress and rebalance the brain.

  8. Give them specific tasks to help you with. Tell them how much you appreciate their help. A hug or a back rub goes a long way.

  9. Ask them their opinion on things; hold off on giving yours. Let them think for themselves. They will surprise you.

  10. Create a mantra and a saying that only you two know. It can be a sentence, 3 words, or a few sentences. It is something they will take with them forever.

There may be some ideas above that you have already implemented in your child's life and some you may feel encouraged to try. Just know that you are building up your child's self esteem, connecting with them by spending time outside of sports, and also raising his or her confidence by each seed of positivity you plant. One day you will sit back and enjoy the bloom. Keep it up MOMba's!

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