'MOMba' Mentality

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

The mentality of mothers behind athletes, also known as 'MOMba' truly helps shape athletes into being their best self. The words or life mothers speak into their kids truly matters. Mothers please understand that by speaking positivity, encouraging words, and reminding them who they are when life gets tough, you help mold who they become. Mothers are there to lick wounds, provide emotional support, discipline, and nourish their bodies. We prepare meals, give massages, write special notes, and nurse them when their bodies are brutalized. Mothers, we truly are their MVP.

So why am I hyping us up? Well, because somebody has to! We may get the occasional thank you or that card on Mother's Day, but we truly know our worth! We are WAY more than that. We make the world go round!

So to all you moms out there that are raising athletes, please remember you are not alone. I have created the MOMba group because someone may have a question or may need encouragement. This is a group of moms showing support and love to other moms that are raising athletes. We all have each other's back because we have at least one thing in common, the love of our children. This is unconditional and eternal love never expires, it inspires.

MOMba is also a safe place for our athletes to ask questions, get informed, and/or receive support as well! I hope I have inspired you to reach out, ask questions, type a comment or share a quote that will help spread love to other moms and our athletes! I am grateful that you as a mother or an athlete have decided to join team MOMba! There will be future MOMba meetings for us to talk, connect, and grow together. Are yall ready? I am! Let's make MOMba mentality a lifestyle!

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