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Updated: Aug 28, 2020


Can I second honey moon? Were we planning that? No. But, that is exactly what this trip turned into. The Maldives gives you romantic vibes, beauty beyond your dreams, and truly kind people. They are unbothered by the world. Physically and metaphorically. I'm talking over 8,700 miles across the ocean and the further you get, the more peace you feel. There is no hustle and bustle. You have crossed 2 oceans to get there. Speaking of oceans, the water was unreal. I felt as if I was dreaming at times. I would wake up, grab my swim suit and a book and relax on the hammock which happened to be suspended over the Indian ocean. You could jump in the water day or night. The temperature was perfect! We stayed at the One and Only Reethi Rah. Exquisite service and unbelievably kind people. Rifau made our stay there beyond special. I told my husband, this is how a honeymoon should be. Wink wink! It was phenomenal! Also, all food is caught and prepared daily. The ambiance at each place we ate was incredible! We enjoyed eating at a couple restaurants, a tree house, on a private beach, and even watched the sharks come up close at night to cuddle and go to sleep as we dined at the sushi restaurant. Who knew sharks cuddled? Haha! I sure didn't. This resort also had live entertainment at night. They played all types of music from all genres. By then end of the week, I was singing with the band! They really were all amazing! I already do miss the Maldives. Sigh! It was an expensive trip but truly worth every penny. My husband and I reconnected like never before. He wholeheartedly agrees with me as far as the best trip we have EVER been on. If it is on your list and you can afford it sooner than later, please move it up. It will not disappoint! If it does, just call me and I will take your place! ;). Thank you Maldives for a once in a lifetime front row seat at God's beauty! I will definitely be back!

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