Investing in You

Have you ever felt bad for taking time for you? You hide in the bathroom hoping no one bothers you for maybe an extra 5 minutes. When you pull up to the house you just sit there because you need a moment and know you will not get it once you walk through those doors? Ladies, we have ALL been there. So let’s talk about it. Why do we feel bad for realizing that we need a break? Rest is vital to any human body and I'm sure you've heard that investing in yourself is one of the BEST return on investments you could ever make.

In the past I've found it hard investing in myself. The mom guilt would always kick in when I chose to prioritize myself. However, I realize that where I invest my time, energy and space ends up directly impacting my well-being and those around me. ⁠ ⁠ By taking time for myself, to regroup, reconnect and recenter, I am replenishing myself- which means I am paving the way to a brighter future ⁠for everyone I come in contact with. Sometimes I have to remind myself, even God rested on the Sabbath. ;) ⁠

Here are 3 simple investments I’m making this year that have already had a big impact: ⁠

  • Explain to the family my plans so that we are all on board as a team. This time around I shouldn't feel guilt because everyone knows that to expect.

  • Asking for help from my family i.e., chores, in the moment, or whenever I need help. After all, we are a team right?!

  • ⁠Regular scheduled time off on a specific day that everyone is aware of. Get a facial, a massage, or even trying out some new skin care products! Yes, moms deserve time off! I call it Self Care Sunday!!!

In the spirit of Self Care Sunday, I teamed up with Nordstrom and they are giving away a Self Care Package of Kiehl's skin care to one lucky follower!! (Don't worry, there will be many more in the future.) You will receive face wash, toner, cleansing mask, facial cream, hand salve, and finally my favorite lotion ever (Creme de Corps.) Just comment below and then, go to my Instagram post on Skin Care today, comment and use #ABGiveaway and #Kiehls in your comment. Good luck!! Winner will be announced on my story this week.

⁠Remember, you matter most and we are all in this together!! You will be amazed at how investing in you increases your productivity, self esteem and ability to love and care for others in a healthy way! Let's keep encouraging and uplifting one another! Happy Self Care Sunday!

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