Coming and Going

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

This has been the story of my life...coming and going!!! We have moved more times than I can count on both hands. It wasn't planned this way, however, God has always had different plans than we did. I left home on a collegiate track and field scholarship and the adventure began. I met my hubby in college who happened to play football and never looked back. We have lived in several states and have travelled a ton! Let me give you a quick tour. We are both west coasters who received out of state scholarships. We left home and met in college at the University of Nevada. From there we moved to Minnesota, Seattle, Detroit, Cleveland, back to Seattle, to Arizona, and we now reside on the East Coast because he now works in NYC! I know, I know. We went the wrong way, further and further away from family. Sigh! Yes, I miss my family a ton as well as the warmer weather. It has been a whirlwind and at times exhausting, however, I have learned so much and gathered so much information in this brain of mine that I would love to share with you.

Due to the countless moves of coming and going I have learned (the hard way) to never get to attached to a home or a city. Be open to change and embrace it because you never know what God has in store for you. Making a house a home is something I truly enjoy. Regardless of the many moves, I wanted my family to always feel like it was home. Here's some ideas that made each house we lived in feel more like a home.

Put up some fun framed memories you and your family have recently enjoyed. There is the annual family picture, but think more meaningful. What is something your kids or hubby remembers that will make them smile. A family trip, a funny story, or an adventure they truly enjoyed. Find a sturdy, fun frame that you can always interchange with different pictures throughout the years. My kids love stopping and looking at the pictures. It makes them smile. I usually change the picture and don't tell them because I want to see who will notice first. It keeps them paying attention and is something we can talk and laugh about as a family.

Invest in your sofa! Get a deep and comfortable sofa. For my fam, it is a place we sit and talk, laugh and chill. We may watch a movie, play a game, or just relax. A comfortable sofa always feels like home. Don't forget the pillow pop! Yes, I love accent pillows on the sofa. It gives the sofa a personality and the room some pop! Hence the term "pillow pop!" From there, a comfortable rug and a fun coffee table grounds the room. Add a tray with some candles to the coffee table along with some other fun knick knacks like a gold ball and some funky coasters and voila!!

My favorite place for knick knacks, pillows, and wall art is Homegoods. I've even found upholstered benches, beautiful rugs, amazing bedding and bathroom decor that looks beautiful and expensive, but the prices are so affordable! I will take pics of some amazing finds so that you can view my treasures. It truly is a one stop shop for your home and there is nothing better than finding a good deal!

Bedrooms should be all about personality. For your kids, it could be a sports theme, their favorite color, or an item that they love. I'm going to give you some advice and save you some time. If you are going to paint and the walls are already neutral, paint only an accent wall. Typically it's the wall right behind the bed and gives the room it's persona. Another idea that I am really into lately are wall decals. Think about this, you don't even have to paint. They peel on and off safely and the kids love it! Target has these as well as Etsy. Target also has cool kids themes and they do a good job placing kids bedding on sale around back to school time. You can usually get an entire sheet and comforter set for a steal as well as matching bath towels and decor.

As for the master bedroom, this is between you and your partner. Let me just say my hubby Nate gives me the green light to decorate the entire house except for the master bedroom. He still wants it to feel like it's "our" bedroom which I totally get. He doesn't want all sparkles and "girly stuff" as he calls it. Lol. So we agree on a neutral color which I prefer anyway. I added some fun mirrors and interchangeable pillows for just enough pop. I try not to add too many (I'm sure he begs to differ). Ha! The moral of the story is, this is between you and your partner. Yall sit down and iron out the non-negotiables. I'm not getting in the middle of that! Hehe! But ladies, pop those pillows and find different ones that make you smile. Remember they don't all have to match. It's an easy and inexpensive change, so keep those pillows coming and going- kind of like my life!

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