Building our Home

Nate and I decided to build a home that suits more of what we need as a family. To be honest, it came at the right time considering he will be working from home more often due to Covid. He will actually have a media room that he can comfortably sit in with the door closed and work in peace. He doesn't have to worry about us coming downstairs and making too much noise and we don't have to tip toe around on the main floor. I can turn on my Crux blender and crank some music up on Alexa if I want to! It's a win-win for everyone!

Building a home is A LOT!!! Lol. Our homes that we have found in the past have either been done or at the least about 90-100% done so the options that I chose were very minimal. However, this time I was responsible for choosing EVERYTHING!! I had to choose the color of the house, all the bathrooms, kitchens, flooring, electrical, fireplace, laundry room, basement, paint colors, and landscaping!! Some days it kept me up at night because I wasn't sure if what I chose was right, but ultimately I had to trust myself and know everything will look amazing!

Check out my photos and videos as I go and take you inside this crazy journey of building our home. I would love your thoughts and/or suggestions every step of the way! There are more videos to come so stay tuned!!

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