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Meet Atoya



I'm Atoya Burleson. I have been in the sports world for most of my life. As a collegiate hurdle champion, I met my

husband, Nate Burleson in college at the University of

Nevada. Who would have known what God had in

store for us?! Nate played 11 years in the NFL

and we have travelled and moved more times

than I can count! He is now an NFL television

host in New York City and together we're

raising our three incredible children - Nate,

Nehemiah, and Mia. Through the several

cities we have lived in, I've had to

continuously adapt to everything thrown

my way. 

I created this space as an outlet to share my

life and all I've learned throughout my journey.

From home ideas (making every house a

home), parenting tips (after fumbling the ball a

few times), fashion (events that are big or small),

beauty and self care (simple and quick), health

and fitness (working out and healthy eating), as

well as travel ideas (my escape), this is my life,

hopefully making yours just a little bit easier.

Life is insanely busy, but I wouldn't want it any

other way. Remember to try things that make

you smile!  

While you're at it, please check out my

podcast insideLINES. Connecting, empowering,

and inspiring women is something I truly enjoy.

On insideLINES you can get an intimate look and

listen as guests share their truths about life, love,

sports, and careers.


Thanks for stopping by!

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